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Lectures and Study Group meet in the Museum Boardroom.

  1. Lectures, and More
  2. Thursday, May 30 - 1:00 p.m.

    Fragrant Visions: Painting Chinese Buddhist Ritual - Details

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    The Huntington's Phillip E. Bloom, Ph.D., provides a glimpse into the multisensory experience of Chyinese Buddhist rituals - the fragrance of incense, the sounds of rhythmic chanting and clattering cymbols - through close reading of a series of 12th century paintings.

    Phillip E. Bloom, Ph.D., The Huntington Library, Center for East Asian Garden Studies, Director and Curator

  3. Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 1:00 p.m.

    The Japanese Folding Fan in the Hands of Modernity Click for Details

    Kristopher Kersey’s research explores the intersecting histories of Japanese art, material culture, and design. Much of his work concerns Japan’s seminal Heian period (794–1192 CE), including its many afterlives and modern appropriations. His second book project moves beyond the medieval to trace the globalization and appropriation of the Japanese folding fan from early modernity to the present.

    Kristopher Kersey, assistant professor, Arts of Japan, UCLA

  4. Thursday, July 25

    Making Hinges: Developing an Exhibition of Japanese Art at BAMPFA Click for Details

    “Hinges: Sakaki Hyakusen and the Birth of Nanga Painting” is the first U.S. exhibition to focus on the art of Sakaki Hyakusen (1697-1752), the founding father of the Nanga school of painting in Japan, and his relationship to Chinese painting of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The exhibition highlights the extensive conservation of Mountain Landscape, an eighteenth-century pair of six-fold screens by Hyakusen. A gift of the late Professor Emeritus James Cahill, one of the world’s leading authorities on Nanga painting, Mountain Landscape was recognized by Cahill as a masterpiece. Presenting the screens alongside traditional Chinese landscape paintings and works by Nanga school painters, the exhibition is designed to illuminate important cross-cultural and artistic connections between Japan and China. The project will demonstrate Hyakusen’s close observation of Chinese painting and his role in the transformation of Japanese painting of the eighteenth century—a hinge between two artistic traditions. Organized by BAMPFA’s Senior Curator for Asian Art Julia M. White, Hinges will be the capstone project in a series of exhibitions commemorating the 100th anniversary of BAMPFA’s Japanese art collection. The exhibition will include detailed photographs and documentation revealing the painstaking, two-year conservation effort to restore Hyakusen’s screens by renowned conservator Tomokatsu Kawazu, and highlighting the museum’s long commitment to preserving and presenting Japan’s cultural treasures.

    Julia M. White, BAMPFA’s Senior Curator for Asian Art (UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive)

  5. Thursday, Aug 29 - 1:00 p.m.

    Dragons: Myth and Reality - Details

    “Dragons, Myth and Reality” will explore the history of dragons worldwide, and challenge us to question how these creatures of great mythological strength came to be. The dragon is the prototype of all our most basic human fears, a universal archetype recognized by everyone, world wide. Variations of the basic theme reflect the beliefs of the cultures in which they functioned. Courtenay McGowen’s talk will explore this universal archetype throughout the ages. We are surrounded by dragons today, proof of their ongoing universal fascination. Courtenay is an Asian Arts Council Study group member and a long time member of AAC.

    Courtenay McGowen, AAC Study Group, past-Chair, Asian Arts Council

  6. Thursday, Sep 26 - 1:00 p.m.

    East and West, High and Low: Art of Kondo Koichiro (1884- 1962) - Details

    Kondō Kōichiro is known as one of the most accomplished ink painters of modern Japan. He began his career as an oil painter and worked as a popular illustrator/cartoonist before exploring nihonga (traditional-style modern Japanese painting) and establishing his reputation for his novel ink expression. This talk presents the evolution of Kōichiro’s art and his multifaceted contribution to the Japanese art world in the early twentieth century.

    Michiyo Morioka, author, independent scholar of Japanese art with expertise in Nihonga and gender issues in modern Japanese art

  1. Study Group
  2. FY 19 Study Group Theme:

    Interactions with Asian Art:

    Mutual Influences and Curious Connections

    New! FY 20 Study Group Theme:

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  3. Monday, May 20 - 10 a.m.

    Virtual Realities: Extreme Illusionism in Qing Court Painting

    Elaine Pierce, Docent

    FY 20 Theme presentation & Topic assignments: We have decided to take an in-depth look at Asian ceramics from Ancient China to Modern Japan; as well as the influences on The Middle East and European manufacturing 

  4. Monday, June 17 - 10 a.m.

    Korean Chest Tour - pot luck get together 

    Sandi Calabough, AAC Study Group co-chair